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Cooperatives working together to bring world-class high-speed internet to Warren County

Fiber for Warren is a collaboration of NCTC and Warren RECC to bring a fiber network to serve homes and businesses in parts of Warren County. By working together, these two cooperatives are bringing life-changing high-speed internet to our area.


Fiber Update

Partnership between NCTC and Warren RECC will bring fiber broadband to approximately 14,000 homes in Warren County

NCTC and Warren RECC recently entered into a $10 million agreement to help cover the cost to expand their fiber-optic network to an additional 14,000 homes in Warren County. The expansion will provide access to better-quality high-speed internet in underserved areas of the county.

This is an exciting development for Warren County! Fiber optic internet is a powerful tool that helps support growth and innovation for local businesses and provides a reliable connection for residents who use the internet to work, study, or for entertainment. Unlike copper cables, fiber can transport large amounts of data over long distances without slowing down or suffering external interferences. NCTC and Warren RECC are working diligently to secure even more funding in order to serve as many residents as possible and bring life-changing fiber broadband to households and businesses across the region.

The project build is predicted to take approximately 24 months and will be built in sections. As each section is completed, we will be able to hook up customers. The sections will be built in an order that allows the quickest possible overall completion.

After Warren RECC’s build is completed, NCTC will provide all aspects of internet service, including installation, billing, customer service, and more. Customers will also be able to choose broadband packages with speeds up to 1 gigabit.

Stay tuned to the Fiber for Warren website for the latest build schedule!

Currently installing in Warren County

We are currently installing in Warren County! Click on the map to see our current installation areas. If your address is included, click the link at the top of this page to register your interest. We will be in touch soon!

View Northern Expansion Areas Map (PDF)

View Southern Expansion Areas Map (PDF)

Have you registered yet?

The Fiber for Warren project is well underway, and fiber internet is already available in several zones. If you haven’t already registered for high-speed internet, the time is now.

The expansion areas are shown on the map in green, yellow, purple and pink and are currently under construction. If you are located in one of these areas, click the link at the top of this page to register your interest. As soon as we are ready to schedule installations, we will contact you!

View Northern Expansion Areas Map (PDF)

View Southern Expansion Areas Map (PDF)


Leaders discuss future of rural broadband service — Bowling Green Daily News

By Dewayne McDonald and Johnny McClanahan

The availability of high-speed internet in Warren County has long been a topic of concern among residents.

Like a lot of the country, some of our most rural residents are consistently at a disadvantage when it comes to broadband access. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting work-from-home and nontraditional instruction requirements have only deepened the digital divide.

Now more than ever, high-speed internet access is a crucial resource for families and businesses alike. However, rural broadband is a challenging task. If it were a profitable endeavor, the large private companies would already provide the service.

Before COVID-19 was even imagined, the Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp. board of directors heard the call for high-speed internet from our members loud and clear. Though our primary mission is to provide safe, reliable electricity, we knew there was an opportunity for potential partners to provide high-speed internet services to our members who are underserved or unserved. North Central Telephone Cooperative, a local telephone cooperative, saw that same need in Warren County as it was rolling out its high-speed internet service in neighboring Allen County.

Read the full article in the Bowling Green Daily News

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