Pilot area in Warren County selected for fiber internet build

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A partnership between two local cooperatives will bring world-class fiber internet to about 800 homes and businesses in Warren County.

Warren RECC, a local electric cooperative, and NCTC, a local telecommunications cooperative, are uniting to install fiber optic internet to those in the pilot area. Fiber is the fastest, most advanced way to deliver internet service and is capable of delivering speeds up to a gigabit per second.

Fiber technology meets our needs today and can fuel our needs well into the future. Internet across a fiber network powers education, telehealth, remote work, community development and overall quality of life. Through pulses of light traveling along hair-thin strands of glass, fiber will support the communications demands of our region for decades to come.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2019, and high-speed internet service will be available to homes and businesses in the pilot area in 2020. If the pilot program is successful, the cooperatives hope to expand services to other areas.

That’s where you’re needed. If you live within the pilot area, sign up for service with NCTC and encourage your neighbors to sign up, too.

What can you do with high-speed broadband internet?
– Stream movies and music
– Connect multiple users to the internet at the same time
– Access online resources for education and work
– Grow your business with online tools and services
– Improve your health through telemedicine
– And so much more

To find out if you are in the pilot area, submit your contact information below and someone will reach out to you. Sign up for email updates on the progress. When service is ready to be connected in your neighborhood, a representative will contact you to schedule installation.

Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)